Est. 2020

Self-care is important, even in the midst of disaster. The comfort of soft fabric against bare skin and the mild scent of Lavender can be an integral part of feeling calm.
Our story begins with our founder, Phoebe’s, desire to help others with the anxiety that can come with wearing a mask.
Together, our collective of American designers and professionals work to bring health and wellness to your everyday life.
Our existence depends on the health of Mother Earth, so we try our best to treat her with love, minimizing our use of plastic when possible.




When the pandemic began, our way of life changed irrevocably, making masks a mainstay of our new way of life. We listened to the people in our lives tell us about how their masks were hot and uncomfortable and the burden the pandemic had on their emotional wellbeing. Our journey began with wanting to create a mask that was beautiful to look at and that also provided creature comfort for the soul. Through countless sketches and designs, our Design team concepted different prototypes and imagined how they might feel against the face.
With a vision on what we wanted our product to look like and feel in hand, we were still missing a key piece — a skilled seamstress to bring our vision to life. We began calling seamstresses near us and by serendipity, the first seamstress we came across was Julia, a couture bridal seamstress with over 30+ years of experience bringing magic to her clients’ wedding journeys. She shared our vision for our brand and began tinkering with designing a comfortable yet stylish mask for prolonged wear that fit all face shapes.
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After countless iterations, we arrived together at Eupuria’s proprietary mask design — a sleek, functional solution that feeds the senses. With the belief that comfort begins with touch, our masks use carefully selected high quality and breathable materials. Our proprietary design further enhances comfort by creating a pocket of air around the mouth and nose to promote airflow, allowing our masks to remain pleasant even after hours of wear.
But we didn’t stop there. Superior airflow is just half the equation.

We believe that memories and emotions are deeply intertwined with scent – that the calming scent of lavender can relieve tension and bring us to a place of relaxation. With the power that aromatherapy has to heal, it was a natural step for us to incorporate it into our masks through the use of a aroma pouch. Each pouch is intended to hold one of our aroma pads – which has been carefully tested to allow for enough scent to positively impact the spirit, but not so much as to overwhelm it.

Our Future


As our company grows and develops, we are committed to staying true to our ethos spreading love in every facet of our business while bringing captivating new experiences to our Eupuria community.